Calcium Nitrate Liquor 54-56%


Chemical Product | Calcium Nitrate Liquor


  • Industries Served | Latex<br />Coagulant


    Calcium nitrate is a very common Coagulant in latex production, especially in dipping processes. The performance of the Calcium Nitrate will determine the drying & pick up efficiency. Hence, chemically speaking Calcium Nitrate will improve the overall glove line performance and glove quality.

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  • Industries Served | Horticulture


    It provides both calcium and nitrogen. It is usually applied as a dissolved solution, allowing for quicker plant uptake but may also be applied as side or top dressing.

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  • Industries Served | Waste Water<br />Treatment

    Waste Water

    Calcium nitrate is used in chemical dosing to minimise industrial odours by up to 90%, by preventing wastewater from becoming septic. One great advantage of calcium nitrate dosing systems is that they are biologically friendly and non-hazardous, while still being effective at odour and corrosion control. Nitrates in the Calcium Nitrate can be used in certain applications where hydrogen sulfide odor is already present (curative) or to prevent the formation of hydrogen sulfide (preventative) odor.

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  • Industries Served | Concrete &<br />Cement Accelerator

    Concrete &
    Cement Accelerator

    Calcium Nitrate is used as an accelerator to speed up the setting time and thus curing will start earlier. This allows concrete to be placed in winter with reduced risk of frost damage.

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Calcium Nitrate Liquor


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