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Mey Chern Chemicals | Chemical Agent Malaysia

Over the years of expansion

Mey Chern Chemical Malaysia

18+ Chemical products.

32+ Years of experience.

700+ Customers.

We strive to not only meet customers’ manufacturing expectations, but exceed them with our in-house Laboratory capabilities and a dedicated Production team.

Our commitment to Quality is unsurpassed in the industry.

Chemical Manufacturing Laboratory

Our R&D and application Chemist are qualitative experts to work through all stages of product improvement and to carry out pioneering research as the core of our development efforts.

At Mey Chern, we are focused on accommodating your chemicals solution with our energetic Sales force and passionate Customer service. Our own road tankers and lorries have been our great essential added values to ensure goods delivery on time.

Our Vision

Be the preferred supplier of our products

Our Mission

Continue to be innovative in improving our products to meet ever changing requirements of customers

Manufacturing Process

manufacturing process

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